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Houston, We Have A Problem

The big, industrial  beer, wine and liquor companies spend millions annually responsibly encouraging “moderation.”  Apparently, in Texas, the word ain’t getting out!

On Wednesday, November 3, 2010 — three days before opening day of deer season — liquor stores in the Texas Hill Country received hundreds of cases of the 2008 Vintage of Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Ten days later, every bottle had been sold. Yeah, liquor stores are all sold out, again.

The 2008 Vintage

The 2008 Vintage

Years and years of hard work … gone in a swirl of road dirt and the sweet smell of gun smoke.

If you weren’t able to get your hands on a bottle, don’t panic; I’m told almost all the bars and restaurants in the Fredericksburg area bought plenty and are serving Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Thanks for your support, Texas. We appreciate it.

We’ll go make some more.

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posted by Dan Garrison in Spring 2010 Newsletter and have Comments (29)

29 Responses to “Houston, We Have A Problem”

  1. Terry says:

    Dan, Thanks for your help in securing my two cases. The autographed bottles are a big hit. Unfortunately I can’t get anyone to open their bottles to taste it. We’ve decided to all pitch in on one “sacrificial” bottle and have a tasting party. I’ll send you comments after the big event. Keep it coming ! Terry

  2. Dan Garrison says:

    Hope you enjoy the sacrificial bottle. I made the same sacrifice last night. Thanks Terry!

  3. Chef Kay Stanley says:

    Hello Dan! I can’t wait to try your wonderful concoction in my Holiday recipes. I plan on marinating some golden raisins and then flaming them for a topping to my bread pudding. Yummmmm! Glad to see your bourbon is being received so well in the Hill Country. Those hunters need something to keep them warm in their deer blinds.

  4. Harold D. Bussell says:

    Hopefully when we make our trip to Hye in Feb. we will at least get a shot or two?

  5. CowboyTanguy says:

    I got 2 bottles. Thank you for signing them

  6. kk Taylor says:

    Well, I stared at mine for three days before I couldn’t stand it any more. It got the best of me and off went the top. Sip, sip, sip. I still have about a third of the bottle and I am staring it down now. Thoroughly enjoyed it. No bite, all love.

  7. Jason Scott says:

    When will I be able to purchase this fine bourbon in Austin?
    Can my local liquor store order it from you?

  8. Rob Scarborough says:

    I got the last two bottles over the weekend in Johnson City. It was a haul from Austin but I have them in hand !
    Now that I am back home in Atlanta, I can say I am am the ONLY one in Georgia with Garrison Brothers whiskey !

    Rob in Atlanta

  9. Dan Garrison says:

    Hope you enjoy Rob! Thanks for the note.

    Jason, we don’t make enough to sell our bourbon in Waco yet. Trust that we’re trying to make more and hope to be there in a yeear or so.

  10. Tanguy from Michigan says:

    I must be the only one in the Midwest to have both last years and this year Special releases! No I did not reach Texas via Route 66. Found a faster way and that is my secret!

  11. Ray says:

    How can I get a bottle or 2 in the North Texas area?? Dying to try the best Texas has to offer!! 🙂

  12. Lisa Kennelly says:

    Got bottles waiting for me in Texas for my return for Christmas and my foreman sending the first few “gifts” to me here by Thanksgiving. Proud to offer the first Texas Bourbon to the staunch DC politico crowd here for the holidays. Keeping a bottle back for the Colonel returning from Iraq next June… Proud to pour, glad to support –

  13. Laura says:

    I was lucky enough to pick some up in Blanco and posted about it today on my website. Smooooth!

  14. David Bokemeyer says:

    Got me a bottle of “Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey” on November 3 at the store in Blanco, $80 seemed a bit expensive. I been hyped since I heard about it last November so I sprung for it. Impressive bottle and thought it might make great Christmas gifts. So tonight I cracked the seal, let it breath for about 10 minutes added a little shaved ice for chill. VERY Disappointed with the taste. Tried it with Coke, not much better. I realize everyone has their own taste but I’m sticking with Jack Daniels No. 7 and Maker’s Mark, quality at a fair price…..

  15. Lara M. Foss says:

    Hello Dan,
    I read about you, and your Bourbon almost two years ago and then put on my calendar Dec. 6 2010, “Inquire about Texas Bourbon.” I thought I’d check today and it seems I’m a little late to the party. I’m happy to come to you, is there a way to try this first batch? Purchase any? Happy Birthday coming up btw! I’m very much looking forward to supporting your venture.
    Best, -Lara

  16. Garrison says:

    Thanks again to everyone who bought a bottle. To the occasional detractor, I can only say that we fully recognize that this bourbon is nothing like Jack Daniels. It was never our intention to make anything close and it does not taste anything like Jack Daniels. And I say that with no ill will toward JD, since I grew up drinking the stuff.

    First off, we’re using the finest food grade organic corn, wheat and barley we can get our hands on. Jack Daniels is not made with wheat; its made with rye.

    You WILL taste the Panhandle corn in our white dog and in our bourbon. We are unapologetic about this.

    I once read an interview with Booker Noe in which he said as much as 20% of the flavor and taste of bourbon was derived from the grain. That ratio is much higher with Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We do not filter our mash before it goes into the still. We never will. We like it that way.

    As our distillery continues to introduce new releases, each will be comprised of older bourbon that has been aged longer in American oak barrels. Over time, each release will feature higher concentrations of the butterscotch, caramel and nutmeg that are derived from the oak itself.

    But the sweet, fruity flavor of the corn, the mellow richness of the wheat and the vanilla candy from the malt will always be prominent aspects of our flavor profile.

    We like it that way.

  17. Randy says:

    I don’t need a whole barrel, I’d just like to reserve a few bottles of the next batch. Is there any way I can do that? RM

  18. JSHELL8181 says:

    Garrison when will you release another batch? I havent been able to find any, we have a deer lease in Fredericksburg and next weekend I will be there and looking for a bottle someone might have missed. Are you giving tours yet? I would love to come check out your distillery.

  19. Garrison says:

    Randy et. al.

    Would love to help you guys find or reserve a bottle but don’t think there’s much I can do. I heard there still might be a few bottles at the two liquor stores in Fredericksburg (if folks don’t pick up their reserved bottles, they put them back on the shelves for sale) but I’d call first to make sure.

    We believe the next release will be ready in March of April 2011 but it’s really up to the barrels, not us. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will get about 10 days advance notice before we publicly announce the release.

  20. Jim Allday says:

    Bummer. Been waiting most of the year for your fall batch, since I missed the pre-release higher octane version; checking liquor stores, etc. to no avail. Kept seeing notices in 2010 about spring, then fall, then specifically October, then November, then nothing, so I thought well maybe late December. And then I check your website and discover I’m too late. None of the liquor stores in Austin seem to have heard of you. I’m glad it’s selling well, just frustrating to wait so long and end up with nothing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  21. Dan Garrison says:


    Sorry we missed you with the 2008 vintage release. This spring, probably late March, almost a hundred barrels should be mature enough to bottle the bourbon inside. IF THEY’RE READY, and only if they’re ready, we’ll have enough to bring Garrison Brothers to Austin and the Hill Country. Since you signed up for our newsletter, you’ll hear about when and where the bourbon will be available before anyone else in Texas. There’s simply no way to rush the process, so thanks for your patience.

  22. melissa says:

    we were in fredericksberg when 2008 was released.. we had never seen or heard of yalls whiskey. but we did want to get some. ends up, we didnt buy a bottle before headin back home. since then, we have been planning our wedding which includes our honeymoon in Luckenbach! from the start we said we wanted Texas whiskey at the ceremony. seein how we gettin hitched on march 2nd.. Texas Independence Day! well when we got online to order, thats when we realized what idiots we were for not gettin it when we had the chance! so its been decided, on our honeymoon.. we WILL be huntin for your fine Tex whiskey! i hope the barrels are good to us & are ready for us to enjoy on our 1yr anniversery Next yr!

  23. Lloyd Reed says:

    Came out at just the right time, Got my signed bottle #85 ,But just cant seam to crack it,Hope to get aother soon.TO ENJOY!Thanks John david , Great Uncle Lloyd AND Great Aunt Eileen… Anderson,S.C.

  24. Mike says:

    Hi Dan.
    I’m from Austin and word of your whisky reached my ear a few months ago. I’m dying to try it. I’ve been patiently waiting. I read in earlier posts that you thought it may be available on march. Is that still looking promising?
    I’ve told a lot of people around here about it. We’re all anxious to get a bottle. Let me know when we need to make the drive over to get some.

  25. Dan Garrison says:

    We should have some news out shortly. I think its pretty good news.

  26. Dan Garrison says:

    A very good sign. Thansk for mentioning.

  27. AL says:

    Waiting for your bourbon is like waiting for Christmas, I hate waiting.

  28. Mike says:

    I bought 3 bottles today from twin liqours! Can’t wait to crack it open for a taste but we’re waiting for the right occasion.

  29. D. Davis says:

    Since all is sold out. How do I get my name on the list to come to Hye to help bottle so I can at least get a taste. Seriously, If I can work it out at work and the days fall right I will be there.

    Thanks D, Davis , Native Texan.

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