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Whiskey and Rain

Don’t know about ya’ll but I’m parched. The Hill Country is drier than hell on a hot day. Ashamed TV weather reporters are hiding out like Al Quaeda terrorists. And I’m too poor to pack it all up and go to Colorado like those Escalade-driving-sons-of-bitches I keep seeing on the highway.

Fortunately, there’s a little Garrison Brothers bourbon down here to help wash away the dust. There are a few bottles of the Spring 2011 release remaining at scattered stores in San Antonio and the Hill Country. A few store owners have offered to let me come in and sign bottles for customers.

Signing Bottles

Signing Bottles

If you’re buying a bottle as a gift for someone special, please come see me and I’ll write a little personal note on the back. Here’s my schedule:

  • Judy’s Liquors in Fredericksburg – Friday, July 15, 4 to 5:30
  • Spec’s Wine and Spirits (I-35 and Loop 1604 in Live Oak/north of San Antonio) – Saturday, July 16, 2 to 5:00
  • Hill Country Liquors in Blanco – Friday, July 22, 4 to 5:30


If you are a liquor store owner or manager, please don’t hesitate to call me so we can schedule one of these. Love meeting ya’ll and swapping stories.

Oh, and God, please send us some rain. We’ve been real patient. We’d sure appreciate it. I can promise I’ll be out dancing in it … wearing nothing but my boots.

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11 Responses to “Whiskey and Rain”

  1. Jennifer Hanlon says:

    I think I’m gonna have to BUY me a liquor store here in East Texas just so I can try your whiskey !!!

  2. Remember, it has never not rained yet.

  3. freddie, baumgartner says:

    I live in allen tex. an i sure would like to try your whiskey. my daughter will be in corpus christi next week is anyone sellin it there. i am praying for rain to but, God moves according to his plan not mine. Wish you the best in all your endeavours. a loyal customer if i ever get my hands on some Garrison Bros. freddie

  4. Kaye Van Wicklen says:

    Well said! I love these signings as Garrison Brothers Bourbon makes such great gifts!

    Also, I’m with you on the much needed rain! Please God, we do need it!

    Best wishes to you on continued success.

    Kaye Van Wicklen
    Old 300 Club Member #11

  5. dayton vause says:

    Colorado my ass, If I’m sittin in Hye, Texas and there’s a barn full of whiskey, my travel plans are cancelled!!

  6. Dale Selzer says:

    I enjoyed the tour a week ago Saturday. I bought 3 bottles at Judy’s. One bottle for me and two bottles for two friends. You have a great product. I have been to Bardstown, KY and toured 6 distilleries so I have a little experience. i am looking forward to the expansion of your Texas business. I live in San Angelo TX.

  7. Dan Garrison says:

    Dayton, you always make me laugh out loud! Thanks for the comments ya’ll.

    And would you believe … not 48 hours after I wrote this note, dark clouds and wind filled the skies over Hye and the good Lord blessed us with a quarter inch of rain. Mysterious ways, for sure.

  8. rtrski says:

    Dan and others:

    ARE there still bottles available anywhere? I picked up 2 in Fredricksburg a few weeks ago and the first is already about 2/3rds done for. (And I may be motivated to give the second as a gift, which is breaking my heart…and making me have palpitations wondering if I’ll be able to replace it for myself.)
    Will be driving down to Galveston in late August to go diving in the Flower Gardens, which puts me passing thru too early for your Fall release I’m sure….anyone between there and DFW likely to have a bottle (or two, or three) still available?

    No signature necessary. I’m sure it’s purty and all…but it’s the contents that really counts.

    Incidentally a friend of mine (from Tennesee, no less) and I embarked on a 9-whiskey tasting evening a couple of weeks ago; mostly bourbons, one full Rye, and Bernheim’s Wheat. Your spring release Garrison came in a very respectable 2nd, considering it only “lost” to an 18-yr old who shall remain nameless. And even that was a bit of a debate between ‘complexity/refinemen’ and just plain damn good. The fact that I’m looking for more should be a clear indication of which side of that particular fence I was facing….

  9. Linda MAC says:

    During my trip back to the Hill Country through the Smoky Mountains in June, I prayed to hitch a little of that rain to the ol’ Dodge Truck. Sure enough, the night we got back, we got a bunch of thunder, and a smidge of RAIN! Thank You GOD! Now, what else can I do for More?

  10. Dan Garrison says:

    We got a little rain too Linda. Thank you Lord!

    Thanks for the favorable review RTSKI. Second ain’t good enough though! I’m told there’s still a few bottles at the San Antonio Specs, the South Austin Specs, Hill Country Liquors in Blanco, Judys in Fredericksburg. Can’t confirm though, Call ’em first.

  11. rtrski says:

    Dan, thanks. We might be able to divert thru Austin on the way back up; I’ll call them and find out for sure. As for the 2nd…like I said, that was one close darn vote. I’m liking it more and more as I savor a finger or so every few nights.

    I’m sure looking forward to the Fall release, and your expanded production to follow… that snobby 18-yr-old needs to get taken down a peg.

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