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Want To Help Bottle Some Bourbon?

Want to try something no one in Texas has ever done before? Medals

Next month, we’ll start bottling our largest bourbon release ever – more than 120 barrels of our straight bourbon will be emptied into stainless steel tanks, married with crisp, clean rainwater, proofed and entered into bottles. Each hand-numbered and signed bottle is sealed with a cork, wrapped in deerskin lace, and then dipped in hot wax. These bottles will be sold throughout the Hill Country and a few hundred cases will make it to fine liquor stores, bars and restaurants in the big cities. (We can’t say where just yet.)

We thought a few of you might like to come out to Hye and give us a hand.

A word of warning: Bottling at Garrison Brothers is not for the faint of heart! It means hard work, attention to detail, reliable, consistent help, and above all else, patience. Every finished bottle has to get past Inspector Number 1 — me. This video from our talented friends Rob Cordes and Jim Walters will give you an idea what to expect:


We’ll be bottling from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday thru Friday, the weeks of September 26, October 3, October 10, October 17 and October 24. We may finish early and may not need to continue that last week. 

We need 7 people each day and already have about 70 sensational volunteers already. We provide meals, beverages and plenty of bourbon throughout the day. (In fact, tradition holds that we periodically celebrate with a little “quality control” sample to keep us all motivated.)

If you’d like to take part, it will take you a couple of hours to learn the craft, so we ask those who participate to commit to two full days, 8-5. At the end of your shift, we’ll reward you with your own bottle to take home with you, along with a few other thank you gifts.

If you can handle your own travel and lodging arrangements, and commit to giving us two days hard work, please send an email to Laurel Hoekstra, our Bottling Queen, at laurel@garrisonbros.com and give her your contact information. She’ll let you know what days are still open. The deadline for contacting her is Sunday, September 12, so that we can invite others to fill any remaining slots.

Please don’t delay your decision too long though; last time we did this, we were cowboy’d up in less than 24 hours.

Hope to see you in Hye.

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14 Responses to “Want To Help Bottle Some Bourbon?”

  1. dayton vause says:

    In the interest of inter-state relations, ya’ll need to market that stuff in Florida. We’re thirsty over here and covered up in rum and that just simply won’t do.

  2. Rob Scarborough says:

    I may not be the only person in Georgia with Garrison whiskey after this event ! Thats ok, Georgia needs to meet Garrison and I have been stingy……:-)

  3. George says:

    See you October 6th and 7th. I’m looking forward to it. Do you recommend hotels near by or what to wear?

  4. Dan Garrison says:


    Thanks for your help. I’ll assume Laurel got you on the schedule. Closest hotel is a Best Western in Johnson City. But there is a fancy place nearby called the Rose Hill Manor on 1623. See: http://www.rose-hill.com/. There’s also a small, cheap place in Stonewall, The Stonewall Motel. $59 a night, I think. Tons of B&Bs and hotels in Fredericksburg. The Hanger Hotel is our favorite there. Dress comfortably. We’re a jeans and workboots crew. If it remains this hot, it’ll be 100 degrees in the stillhouse that day.

  5. Joe says:

    email sent, Dan! Hope to see ya’ll soon!

  6. Frank McCamant says:

    Ready to help! Waiting on schedule from Laurel…..

  7. Don Michels says:

    I sent in the request for my brother and myself. This would be a great opportunity for us to follow through with our threat to visit you. (As a reminder, we met at the Trifecta Bourbon Club a few weeks ago. We are the ones opening Powderfinger Spirits).
    Hope to see you soon.

  8. Gail Hale says:

    Will we get a return email to let us know if we got our email got to you in time to make the volunteer list? Sorry we have looked so forward to be able to volunteer; it is like waiting for Christmas to see if we get to or not.

  9. Brian Etzel says:

    I e-mailed Laurel on Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, but haven’t heard back from her. Are all the slots filled?

  10. tom player says:

    we took your very thorough, friendly and professional tour this past Saturday afternoon, Sept. 3rd; great job, and truly the most superior bourbon I’ve ever experienced (and I only drink if I’m by myself or with somebody)!
    I most enthusiastically volunteer myself and my attorney (roomate, wife, best friend) for the February, 2012, bottling – – – hope you can squeeze us in!

    by the way, got my GB at Judy’s in Fredericksburg on the way down to Kerrville, she does have a few left;

    sippin’ regards to all,


  11. rtrski says:

    damn damn damn damn! Today’s the 14th! I KNEW I should be reading this blog more often!!!

  12. Eric says:

    So with this new batch, will Dallas see any??

  13. Dan Garrison says:

    Possibly. But we have to see how much the local guys want first. If you sign up for our newsletter at garrisonbros.com, you’ll get some advance notice.

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