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As always Texans are the greatest humans on earth! In fewer than 48 hours, we now have all the help we need and a few hundred very cool people waiting in the wings.

We can’t work anyone else into the bottling schedule until next year.

God bless you all and thank you so much for your support!


If you’ve got flexibility, we could use a little help!

Click to see video on how we do it.


Toward the end of September, we’ll be bottling our largest bourbon release ever — more than 9,000 bottles of our heavenly ambrosia.  By October 15, Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey will be available everywhere in The Great State of Texas, from El Paso to Port Arthur and Dalhart to Brownsville.  It’s about damn time!

That’s a bunch of bourbon, so we could use a little help. Already a hundred brave Texans have crossed that line in the sand and have volunteered to come out and help us bottle this bourbon. But we’re a little short-handed in the middle of each week. So, if your lifestyle, career or schedule has a little flexibility, we could sure use a couple of extra hands on the following days:

  • Wednesday, September 19
  • Thursday, September 20
  • Friday September 21
  • Wednesday, September 26
  • Thursday, September 27
  • Wednesday, October 3
  • Thursday, October 4


A word of warning: Bottling at Garrison Brothers is not for the faint of heart! It means hard work, attention to detail, reliable, consistent help, and above all else, patience. Every finished bottle has to get past Inspector Number 1 — me. This video from our talented friends Rob Cordes and Jim Walters will give you an idea what to expect:


Every morning we start at 9 and we almost always finish by 4. Throughout the day, we’ll provide breakfast, lunch, entertainment, and an occasional shot of courage to keep everyone creative and motivated.

If you’d like to take part, it will take you a couple of hours to learn the craft, so we ask those who participate to commit to two full days, 9-4. At the end of your two-day shift, we’ll thank and reward you with your own bottle to take home, along with a few other thank you gifts.

If you can handle your own travel and lodging, and commit to giving us two days hard work, please send an email to Laurel Hoekstra, our Bottling Queen, at laurel@garrisonbros.com.  Give Laurel your contact information and let her know what days you can join us.

Please don’t delay your decision too long though; last time we announced this, we were cowboy’d up in less than 24 hours.

Hope to see you in Hye.

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17 Responses to “Bourbon Across Texas”

  1. Richard says:

    Hi guys. Congrats on the big batch this time, and on going state-wide! I admit to mixed feelings…having to make a road trip was part of the appeal, knowing I knew about something good that others didn’t. But can’t hog it forever.

    Can’t take the weekdays off this year but please keep me in mind for next Spring’s bottling….which unless I miss my guess might be the first barrels aged long enough from the new stills, and an even bigger batch, or is that not until Fall 2013?

    One last note, are y’all aware of the “Whiskey Festival” going on in Dallas on 20 October? Would certainly hope, if you’re going statewide, you can be represented. It would make me feel a whole lot better about buying ticket at least, knowing I could make a bee-line for your booth anytime something else fell short, to refurbish my palate. Best regards, RTR

  2. Dan Garrison says:

    Thanks Richard. We’ll miss you at bottling.

    We’re aware of the BIG Whiskeyfest in Dallas. Would love to be there. Unfortunately, the “participation fees” are too rich for our little business.

    Why don’t you skip it and come drink some good whiskey with us in Hye?

  3. Vicki says:

    I’d just like to know where I can purchase a bottle of your Bourbon Whiskey. I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

  4. Dan Garrison says:


    We’re actually bottling bourbon destined for DFW right now, as in today. It’ll be in all Metroplex stores on October 15. If you need a bottle sooner, and I can respect that need, you’ll have to visit the Twin Liquors or Specs in Temple.

  5. Kerry Amann says:

    My husband and I are taking a last minute vacation next week and would love to come bottle! Are there any spots still open??

  6. Tracy Mason says:

    Just wanted to say we had a blast bottling this past Saturday and Sunday. I will have to admit that I am coming away a bourbon drinker. I have already been on the phone this morning looking for your bourbon at the liquor store’s here in our area. We really hope to get to come back for the next bottling.. I raise my glass..Here’s to you Dan !!

  7. Dan Garrison says:


    I am really sorry. All the slots are completely full up. Can we keep you on the waiting list for next time?

  8. Dan Garrison says:


    You and the gang from Pasadena are always welcome here. But we’ll need to get more Miller High Life for Jimbo. Thanks so much for all your support. We had a great time!


  9. Kevin Barnes says:

    My wife and i toured your distillery on Sunday while you were bottling you latest batch and were very impressed with everything. How do we get on the list to help out on your next bottling run, would definately like to be involved in this process.

  10. I’m tired…I smell like bourbon…I have just had two of THE best and most fun days EVER with y’all and cannot WAIT to do it again! Seriously, I’d hang around everyday raving like a loon about GB Bourbon and and the amazing people who create it and be happy for the rest of my days! Thanks SO much for the experience, the great company, the incredible hospitality, and most of all for creating a new “tradition” for many of us with your top-notch product! Y’all set the bar VERY high on both personal and professional levels and I’m honored to have spent time with y’all…hugs until next time! 🙂 Y’all ROCK!!!

  11. Dan Garrison says:


    You’re a terrific person and we are all better people for knowing you. Thanks so much for all your help this week. God bless you.

  12. Dan Garrison says:

    Can I ask you to send your contact information to Laurel@garrisonbros.com? She’ll get you on the calendar for next time. Thanks for your support!

  13. Bradley Vermillion says:

    Had a blast participating in this years bottling and look forward to doing it again! Good people, good food and a fine Texas Bourbon! I am anxiously awaiting this release to hit the shelves of my local Spec’s, the personalized gift bottle is just too nice to open! Thanks Dan and everyone else at GB for the opportunity!

  14. Richard says:

    OK, funny story time. I’m in DFW area, and work close enough to the new Spec’s (off Walnut Hill) that I swung by there on the way home earlier this week to see if, perchance, the manna had arrived from heaven. I know they carry it in all their Austin stores.

    Lo and behold, I walked to their bourbon aisle and there were 4 bottles (cue the little ray of sunlight guiding me straight to them, etc etc.). As I was reaching for one their whiskey guy started to ask “may I help you find….?” and changed to “oh, you already know about Garrison”. I said something along the lines of heck yes, been driving down for each release since early 2011, and glad to finally see it here, earlier than expected.

    Then I turned the bottle sideways, to see FALL 2011, and nearly dropped it.

    As it turns out per the guy I was talking to, they accidentally got one case shipped to them of Fall 2011, but because y’all weren’t distributing statewide yet, they couldn’t per TABC regs sell it. But now that you are statewide, and the Fall 2012 was on its way…they could put it out, and had done so that very day (and if you’re wondering why only 4 not 6 were on the shelf…2 were bought by employees before they could even hit it).

    I left them with ONE. Had to let someone else have a chance to discover it, in the long, long remaining week before the Fall 2012 arrives. (And you bet I’ll be there again next week as well, for it.)

    I currently have a bottle each of Fall 11 and Spring 12 open for drinking, and an archival store of at least one Spring 11 – Spring 12 for posterity (and some future ‘vertical tasting’ party!).

    Life is, indeed, better in Texas.

  15. Dan Garrison says:

    Great story. I love that the staff had already bought two bottles. Thank them for me.

    I am told only 190 or so cases of the Fall 2011 Vintage still remain in any liquor stores in Texas. When its gone, its gone.

    There are about 400 cases out there somewhere of the Spring 2012 Vintage.

  16. Alfonso says:

    I live in North Dallas, Allen, TX. What stores will carry your bourbon? I have been in your area twice this year and forget to stop by and pic up a bottle and I am eagerly awaiting the availability up here. I am proud to be a Texas man and want a Texas Bourbon.

  17. Dan Garrison says:

    Stores up there should have some by now. If they haven’t ordered any from our distributor, they can.

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