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Christmas Update

Garrison Brothers Article in Spirit Magazine

When you signed up for this newsletter, I promised I’d send it just twice a year to keep from cluttering your in-box. Well, I lied.

Here’s why: Yesterday, a 10-page story about Garrison Brothers Distillery broke in Southwest Airlines in-flight magazine, Spirit. When senior editor Alison Miller originally approached us about it, we knew it was going to be a big deal for our little business, but we never expected such an extensive and beautifully written profile. Alison, God bless her, captured what we’re all about.


The magazine has 3.2 million readers nationwide but there are only 1,500 cases of Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey available in stores somewhere in Texas (100 cases of the fall 2011 vintage; 400 of the spring 2012; and 1,000 of the fall 2012). In other words, stores will soon be sold out. And we won’t have any more bourbon mature enough to bottle until spring 2013!

Since many of our friends have made giving a bottle of  Garrison Brothers for Christmas a Texas tradition, we wanted to make sure you know that if you want a bottle or a case, you should get to stores quickly. If they are already sold out, please make sure the store manager starts a waiting list.

Also, if you’re in a Texas airport this Christmas, please stop by The Antlers Bar or any Pappas Restaurant and ask for a tall glass of Garrison Brothers. They’ve told us they’ll be serving it.

We sure appreciate your support. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to all!

Kind regards,



Dan Garrison
Proprietor and Distiller

P.S. The manager of Bob’s Chop House on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas told us she would not taste Garrison Brothers because no one was ordering the other Texas whiskies she’d put behind the bar. If ya’ll could let her know how you feel about that by stopping by and requesting a glass, we’d sure appreciate it.

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6 Responses to “Christmas Update”

  1. Suzanne & Charles says:

    Dan: How exciting for you and the gang!!! Between this article and Southern Living, pretty bitchin!!!!

  2. Mark Yehle says:

    Great article highlighting your hard work! I have very much enjoyed drinking your fine bourbon this year. Although I was unable to participate in bottling last round, I hope to next season. Cheers!

  3. mike says:

    Dan, thanks for the signed bottle. Picked it up yesterday at Dallas Wine and Spirits. My brother had told me he visited your set up in person and loves the product. As your page in the Alcalde said, tell the man whose name is on the bottle your thoughts. Well Dan, it is by far one of the best bourbons I have ever had!!!!! Merry Christmas and hope to someday visit you in Hye.

  4. Dan Garrison says:

    It’s been amazing. Running like a chicken with my johnson cut off. So much for anonymity.

  5. Dan Garrison says:

    You made our Christmas Mike. Thanks.

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