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Cowboy Bourbon from Garrison Brothers: American Micro Whiskey of the Year


Author’s Note: This blog is dedicated to all the “professional investors” who, in the early 2000s, told me I’d never be able to make my own bourbon in Texas and should just buy it from a large producer like everyone else does. You sons-of-bitches will never know the pride I feel right now.

Yesterday, the 2014 edition of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible was released. For those who aren’t whiskey aficionados, the Whisky Bible is considered by many to be the definitive encyclopedia of whiskeys. Internationally recognized as probably the leading commentator on all the world’s whiskies, Mr. Murray tastes more than 4,500 bottlings from all over the world and provides unbiased tasting notes on the world’s leading and lesser known whiskies. Not afraid to express his views and loved by many for his uncompromising stance, Jim Murray’s tasting notes are full of fascinating facts, flavors and bottlings.

 In the 2014 Edition, Mr. Murray named
Cowboy Bourbon from Garrison Brothers
The American Micro Whiskey of the Year.

Those of you who searched all across Texas to find a bottle of Cowboy Bourbon, and paid a small fortune for it, well, you might want to hold on to those bottles. That bourbon just became quite valuable.

The Cowboy will ride again in 2015 but it’s unlikely future bottlings will ever rival the value of the little 375ml pre-release bottles you now possess.

As always, thank you for your support. God bless.

Kind regards,



Dan Garrison

Garrison Brothers Distillery

P.S. Mr. Murray’s 2014 Whisky Bible is available for purchase here: The 2014 Whisky Bible.

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54 Responses to “Cowboy Bourbon from Garrison Brothers: American Micro Whiskey of the Year”

  1. Dan Garrison says:

    The Cowboy Bourbon sells out the day we release it. There are usually lines of cars down the road even before the gift shop opens. Sorry.

  2. Dan finch says:

    Dan G,
    Thank you for building such a damn sweet distillery not to far from us. I’m looking forward to volunteering bottling. This will be my “man” escape Ha! Dan, what’s my name again? ????

  3. Chris Cook says:

    When can we get some more?

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