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Garrison Brothers Distilleryâ„¢ is a small distilled spirits plant located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We manufacture Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskeyâ„¢ from our kitchen, still-house and barrel barns in Hye, Texas.

We are proud to be the first legal bourbon or whiskey distillery in Texas history!  Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey™ is the first legal bourbon whiskey ever made in Texas, and as far as we are aware, only the second bourbon ever successfully produced outside of Kentucky or Tennessee. Soon, we will fill our 500th barrel!

Few businesses are as environmentally-friendly as ours. We recycle, reuse or resell every ingredient or by-product that is grown on, delivered to, or processed at our beautiful Hill Country farm and ranch.

We cook by hand our own sweet bourbon mash from number one organic grains (corn, winter wheat, malted barley and rye). We buy almost all our grain from independent Texas farmers and their coops or we grow our own. The other secret ingredient is pure rainwater, captured with state-of-the-art collection systems at our facility, and filtered with an ultraviolet light purification system.

We distill the product on site in a small 100% copper bourbon still built by Vendome Copper & Brass Works of Louisville, Kentucky. The bourbon is aged in new white American oak barrels in barrel barns we designed ourselves, gaining flavor and sweetness as the distillate expands into the oak in the summer and extracts the tannins and sugars in the winter.

We received our Federal distilled spirits plant # TX-S-15006 on October 17, 2007. Our state permit arrived two months later. We’ve been making fine bourbon ever since.

The business is owned by the Garrison family of Texas. We are proud and active members of the communities of Albert, Fredericksburg, Hye, Johnson City and Stonewall.

Businesses like ours are great for Texas. We are serious consumers of organic Texas corn and wheat and, after distillation, our bourbon mash becomes the most nutritious cattle feed available anywhere; we provide high paying jobs for skilled artisans; and we pay more than our fair share of state, county and federal taxes.

We intend to sell Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey through Texas distributors and require that, initially at least, they only sell Garrison Brothers within the great state of Texas.

Our distillery, tasting room, gift shop and barrel barns are open to the public, upon request, for tours, tastings and special events. We will “officially” open for tours and tastings in the spring of 2010.

Today, Garrison Brothers is not yet available. The bourbon is aging and we’re going to give it all the time it needs or wants to become truly spectacular.

The first bottles will be shipped in 2011. Please be patient. The whiskey will be worth the wait!

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17 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Christina says:

    I’d like to know more about a tasting… we’re going out to Fredriksburg in August.

  2. Tommy Snider says:

    I manage the Jeremy Miller Band from Austin. JMB is presently in a radio promotional tour promoting their single “Reckless”. The band has been together for six years. They have a CD, Way Too Fast. JMB is an independent (indie) band, a maverick, just like your bourbon. As an indie, funds are always a concern. Therefore, by necessity, JMB thinks out of the box in order to finance our ventures. I have three ideas where JMB and Garrison Bros. (GB) could work together; concerts, sponsorship, and marketing. First, I read that Garrison Bros. are soon to fill their 500th barrel. JMB will soon play their 500th show. If you sponsor any event where a band performs, JMB would like to be that band. Second, many beverages sponsor bands. If GB would entertain sponsorship, JMB would be another spokesperson for GB. The band would spread the word about your bourbon through our fans and people that attend our shows. Banners, posters and give-aways at our shows would get the word out about GB. JMB plays often in and around the Austin area and they travel throughout the state. Third, when JMB is on the road they have a trailor in tow. It is a solid white trailer with nothing on it. Putting a GB’s decal on the trailor would a very inexpensive way to advertise your bourbon. It would be seen on highways and roads, as well as, in parking lots and backstage at our shows. You can learn more about the band and listen to some of their songs, view videos, and check JMB’s schedule at http://www.thejeremymillerband.com and myspace.com/thejeremymillerband. Please contact me if you have any questions or need more info.

    Tommy Snider (Mgr JMB)

  3. JOHN DICKEY says:

    Do you have anyone in the Waco area selling your bourbon?

  4. marion kerr says:

    i have been waiting since you stated you were going make whiskey.
    i drink makers mark. but if you can tell me where i can purchase your whiskey i willing to try it and if i like it i will change

  5. Dan Garrison says:


    Its available at most liquor stores in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, Texas. But it does sell out pretty frequently, so you may have to get on a store’s waiting list. Hope you enjoy.

  6. Timothy says:

    Just met Dayton Vause. Great guy. He held my attention for over one and one half hours.

  7. Dan Garrison says:

    He is the best! Thanks for saying so.

  8. Randy Robinson says:

    Dan, big fan for about four years now. Been to Hye and bottled my own single barrel. Can I order a bottle of Cowboy from you or can you tell me where and when I can find it in Dallas? Thanks, love your bourbon.

  9. Angela King says:

    I am doing an informative speech on Texas bourbons. What would be the one thing you would want people to know about your Texas bourbon?

  10. Mark says:

    Was a Kentucky Bourbon drinker; not anymore!

  11. Roger Clements says:

    Any Bourbon based Jobs available in Texas..entry level professionally but have 20+ years experience in Bourbon..Mainly Kentucky..looking for an serious Position long term as well…9035171506..

  12. Dan Garrison says:

    Not right now Roger. Stay tuned though.

  13. Dan Garrison says:

    Bless you and welcome to the hood.

  14. Dan Garrison says:

    Enjoyed Best when naked!

  15. Dan Garrison says:

    Should be hitting Dallas stores right about now.

  16. Holly Meier says:

    Trying to find the stocking stuffer bottle in the Dallas area

  17. Dan Garrison says:

    Here’s a list of all the Texas stores carrying Boot Flask Holly:


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