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Whiskey Social and Fundraiser

Whiskey Social and Fundraiser


Whiskey Social and Fundraiser with Dr. Dawn Buckingham, candidate for Texas State Senate, District 24.


Thursday evening, November 3 from 6 to 7 p.m.
Admission is free but a donation to Dr. Dawn Buckingham’s campaign is most welcome.


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Building a Bourbon Boat




We’re not bullshitting you. We’re going to build a boat. Right here in Hye, Texas. And we need your help to do it. We need your used Garrison Brothers bourbon bottle corks.

We are putting our money where our mouth is too. We will pay a bounty of $5 for every Garrison Brothers bottle cork that is sent to us. And we’ll throw in an extra $5 bucks to cover your shipping costs.

Please send each and every Garrison Brothers bottle cork you have to:

Garrison Brothers Is Building A Boat
517 West 39th Street
Austin, Texas 78751

Please Include your name, your business name, your address, your email address and your phone number.

This offer applies to bartenders and bourbon drinkers only! It does not apply to current or former Garrison Brothers personnel. Only corks from the 2015 Vintage, Garrison Brothers Single Barrel and later vintages can be redeemed.

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Happy Father’s Day


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Unfiltered: Straight Bourbon and Peanut Butter


Garrison Brothers Bottle FillingIf you are a veteran bourbon drinker, you have probably seen the term “unfiltered” or “non-chill filtered” on a whiskey bottle. But what does that really mean?

When you buy a jar of organic, all natural, unfiltered peanut butter at the store, you fully expect a little oil to appear on the top of the peanut butter when you open the jar. You understand that peanuts contain oil. You understand that oils separate from solids. You understand that you just stir it up and you’re right back in business. When you buy a jar of commercially produced peanut butter, you will not see the oils (lipids/fatty acids) on the top of the peanut butter because the producer uses chemicals that dry out the oil. These chemicals also affect the taste and texture of the peanut butter.

StillLife3 copyBourbon is an agricultural product just like peanut butter but it is made from grain, water and wood. The same exact situation occurs with organic, all natural, unfiltered bourbon.

One of the beautiful aspects of whiskey, straight bourbon especially, is the color. Straight bourbon has a reddish crimson tint that glistens, shines and sparkles when held up to the light. The color comes from microscopic sugar crystals floating in the liquid, much of which are derived from the White American oak barrel that the bourbon has matured in. When the bourbon is freshly dumped from the barrel it does not have that crystalline glossiness. It’s a little bit murkier and cloudy with char and sediment from the bourbon barrel.

Bob Stickney Photography 011 copyTo make it shine, most commercial whiskey distilleries will cool the spirit down to below 50 degrees Fahrenheit by pushing the whiskey through a heat exchanger. When bourbon is colder than 50 degrees, the lipids, fatty acids and oils in the spirit, which come naturally from the grain and wood, begin to clump together.

The commercial distilleries then force the liquid through a plate filter. The plate filter has cloth or paper pads in it. The acids and oils attach to the paper pads and are left behind in the filter. This is how you make shiny whiskey.

You are more likely to see fatty acids and oils floating in bourbon than in scotch whiskey. Scotch makers remove the solids (the shells and grains) from the wash before they distill the alcohol. This is called sparging the wash. They use a lauter tun to do it. They only distill the liquid. Most of the fatty acids, lipids and oils are removed along with the solids. I only know of one bourbon maker in the United States who does this. I have tried their bourbon and did not much care for it. It lacked flavor.

Filtering BourbonSo for the bourbon connoisseur, it is a simple debate. Do you prefer bourbon that looks shiny but might have some of the flavor removed? Or do you want a full-flavored bourbon that might not be as shiny? Personally, I know my answer. I didn’t buy that bottle to hang it on the wall and show friends how shiny it is.

But there’s a downside to non-chill filtered bourbon whiskey. Recently, a retailer in Florida called me. “Your bourbon has been tainted,” he said. ”There’s something floating in it.” He was correct. His case of bourbon had been placed in an area of the warehouse with a serious draft. It was below 50 degrees. And what happens below 50 degrees? The fatty acids, oils and lipids clump together and it truly looks murky. I asked him to shake the bottle up. He did. And “ta da.”

If Garrison Brothers were to bottle all our bourbon at barrel proof – 135, 140 or 145 – that murkiness or clumping would not happen. But we like it at 94 proof, so we must add a little rainwater. That added water causes it to get murky when it is colder than 50 degrees.

If this ever happens to a bottle of Garrison Brothers that you’ve bought, please do not panic. Don’t go rushing off to the store to complain and please don’t send me the bottle; the feds won’t legally allow me to replace it or give you your money back. Instead, do this: Shake it!

(Shake it up baby now! Shake it up baby. Twist and shout. Twist and Shout. Come on, come on, come on, come on baby now. … Sorry, got distracted.)

As soon as you shake the bottle up, the cloudiness will disappear and that bottle of bourbon will taste and look delicious.

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Road Trip

Garrison Brothers Bourbon Excursion

This weekend, Friday, February 5 and Saturday, February 6, Garrison Brothers Distillery is taking over the legendary Gage Hotel in Marathon, Texas for our first annual Bourbon Excursion. That’s right, we have pretty much blocked off every room in the hotel for the ultimate bourbon-fueled weekend. All the rooms at the hotel are already sold out.

If you’re a desert rat, prairie dog or chili cook, and don’t mind sleeping in a tent, there may still be a few tickets left for the concert and the dinner. Give The Gage a call to lock those down. (432) 386-4205

Friday night there will be a private concert at the Gage with Mark Powell and Lariat, from Abilene, Texas, which will begin outside the White Buffalo Bar at 7. Saturday night, Chef Brandon Waddell at the 12 Gage Restaurant will design, display and serve a special multi-course dinner pairing various exotic food courses with Garrison Brothers bourbon vintages and cocktails. The mouth-watering menu is below.

Given how quickly this event sold out, look for more invitations here soon for future Garrison Brothers Bourbon Excursions.

We look forward to spending a glorious weekend in West Texas with you. Salud!




Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon Whiskey Dinner

Saturday, February 6, 2016
12 Gage Restaurant Patio


Confit Muscovy Duck Taquitos, Coloradito, Cilantro Crema, Cotija


Atlantic U-10 Sea Scallop, Farro, Yams, Cashews, Cherries, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pedro Jimenez Vinegar


Compart Farms 10-Bone Duroc Pork Loin, Coffee Rubbed and Smoked, Pickled Sour Apple, Acorn Squash, Caramelized Onion Jus

Au Revoir

Bourbon Buttermilk Pie Candied Pecans, Vanilla Bean Tuile

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It’s Texas On The Rocks Y’all!

Texas On The Rocks

This Valentine’s Day, you are in for a treat. Garrison Brothers Distillery and our fellow Texas craft distillers are throwing a party in Austin that you will NOT want to miss. It’s called Texas On The Rocks and it will be held at the Austin Music Hall from 6 to midnight.

The evening starts at 6 with a VIP Craft Cocktail Throwdown. We’ve invited some of Texas’ best bartenders to come make a drink. But not just any drink. We’re searching for the next MARGARITA. A cocktail so ubiquitous that it becomes synonymous with the great state of Texas.

At 7:30, the doors open to the general public for the largest distilled spirits sampling event in Texas history. More than 40 craft distilleries from all over the country, and a few craft beer and wine makers, will be serving you their libations in small samples and in innovative cocktails.

Texas On The Rocks

As you browse the aisles with your spouse learning about this country’s exciting craft distilleries, the main stage at the Austin Music Hall will explode with a wide range of eclectic Austin-style entertainers. The University of Texas Pom Squad, professional two-step dance teams, trick ropers, cowboy poets, the Texas Aggie Wranglers are all expected to take to the stage against a back-drop of larger than life Texas imagery and dreams.

There will be a Cinco Five Star Vodka-laden ice sculpture, a Yellow Rose Whiskey Bar, a Dulce Vida Margarita Bar, Garrison Brothers Straight Bourbon tastings, and delicious, delectible grab-and-go food options. You can also taste distilled spirits from Rebecca Creek Distillery, Balcones Distillery, Titos, Dulce Vida Spirits, Yellow Rose Distilling, Revolution Spirits, Iron Root Republic, Bone Spirits, Hill Country DistillersAzar Distilling, Whitmeyers Distilling, San Luis Spirits, Tequila 512 and Deep Eddy Vodka, plus dozens more.

Texas On The Rocks

From 10:30 til midnight, the gang from Tito’s Vodka will be making Tito’s Breakfast Tacos and blood marys in the VIP Lounge.

This sensational event is underwritten by our good friends and partners Republic National Distributing Company and Glazers Family of Companies. Tickets have just gone on sale at www.texasontherocks.org. They are $80 per person now and $60 more if you want to attend the pre- and post-party VIP events. But prices go up January 14. So make a reservation now.

Texas On The Rocks

The entire Garrison Brothers Team will be there for Texas On The Rocks. We hope we’ll see you there too.

Texas On the Rocks
Austin Music Hall (MAP)

February 14th, 2015
VIP: 6:00 to Midnight
Tasting 7:30 to 10:30

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Bourbon at The Bird



Bar Manager Ryan Fussell and executive chef David McMillan have put together an extraordinary evening at Bird Café in Fort Worth on Monday, September 15 at 6:30. (Update, this dinner will be rescheduled, see note above.) Ryan, it seems, is a bit of a hoarder and has somehow amassed one of the greatest collections of Garrison Brothers bourbon vintages ever seen. He’ll be serving our Fall 2011 vintage in a cocktail called Fuss’ that includes Takubetsu jumai sake and flamed rosemary. With each course, he’s featuring the Spring 2012, Fall 2012, Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 Garrison Brothers bourbon vintages.

Chef David McMillan, a California native, studied fine arts and sculpture at Boston University before a stay in Europe re-set him on a culinary course that has taken him to St. Augustine, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Boston and Los Angeles as well as the wine country in France and California. Playing multiple roles, David has been chef, owner and caterer for top-rated restaurants, hotels, Hollywood celebrities and world dignitaries. His small plate menu is mouth-watering and I’m not going to even pretend to know what many of these ingredients are:

  • Calves tongue pastrami, house mustard, ementhaller & whiskey braised cabbage on rye
  • Nduja, pain perdue & braised apple
  • Kasu-cured black cod, daikon & roast shitake
  • Latteda chevre & muscat grape preserves
  • Treacle pie & crème fraiche

Garrison_DigitalAnd the food and drink is just half the adventure. The architecture is also overwhelming. The restaurant overlooking Sundance Square, is a looming space with 6,400 square feet indoors and 1,300 square feet of patio, is split between two levels in the renovated 1889 Land Title Building and newly built Commerce Building. In a release, Owner Shannon Wynne called the Land Title Building, “one of the very last of a building style that used to dominate downtown Fort Worth, representing the lavish and detailed Victorian architecture that Americans at the time emulated from Europe.”

Make Reservations Here

Reservations are $85 per person (gratuity included) and can be made by calling Bird Café at 817-332-2473. Only 40 guests will attend and it will sell out quickly. No matter where in Texas you reside, this dinner in Fort Worth will be worth the drive.

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Summertime Fine Drinking and Dining

If you’re on the road in Colorado this summer and looking for a sensational place to dine and drink bourbon, we’ve got a savory suggestion…

e3logoResize  food  martini

E3 Chophouse, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Brother Charlie is headed to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a spectacular bourbon dinner at E3 Chophouse. General Manager David Eliason is hosting a Garrison Brothers Pairing on Thursday July 31st at 6:30pm. The night will begin with a sample of both the Fall 2013 and Spring 2014 Vintages of Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey and each course will be paired with one of E3’s amazing cocktails.

Appetizer: E3 Beef Tartar w/ Shallots, Dijon, Truffle

Soup: Bourbon Lobster Bisque with Garrison Brothers Bourbon and Claw meat

Salad: Smoked Salmon Salad with Whiskey Colie

Main Course: Oak Smoked Prime Rib with Horseradish Mashed Potatoes, Honey roasted vegetables, Au Jus

Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with Dark Chocolate, Cocoa Nib, Bourbon Butterscotch Whipped Cream

Reservations: Reservations are only $60 per plate through E3 Chophouse at (970) 879-7167

Website:           www.e3chophouse.com

Address:          701 Yampa Street, Steamboat Springs, Colorado 80487


In the next few weeks, we’ll be announcing events in New York, San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worth. Hope to see ya’ll there.

Have a safe and happy summer!

The Garrison Brothers Crew


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Garrison Brothers Bourbon Pairing Dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Dallas

ruthchrissteakhouseWe are excited to be partnering with Chef Thomas Holt and general manager Chris Petruska at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Dallas next Wednesday, July 9. We will begin at 6:30 pm with bourbon cocktails and a Meet and Greet with Dan Garrison. Yeah, sorry, you’re stuck with me. Dinner will be served at 7:00 and paired with Garrison Brothers Texas Bourbon and a few exquisite wines.

Large Steak


First course: Spicy Ahi Tuna paired with an old fashioned
Second course: Crab and Corn Chowder paired with a Conundrum White Blend
Third Course: Tomato and onion salad paired with a Belle Glos Pinot Noir
Fourth Course: Prime filet with crab and béarnaise sauce paired with Garrison Brothers Spring 2014 Vintage
Fifth Course: Chocolate Sin Cake paired with a dessert wine and Garrison Brothers Fall 2013 Vintage

The entertaining, educational and bawdy subject matter will be all about great food and great bourbon. We’ll discuss the history of Garrison Brothers Distillery, understanding whiskey types and how whiskey is made, proper nosing and tasting of fine straight bourbon, and the history of bourbon whiskey in America.

Reservations are required and seating is limited. A reservation is $100 per person for a meal that would normally cost much more.

Please call (972) 250-2244 to reserve your spot!

Event Web Site:     http://www.ruthschris.com/
Phone Number:    (972) 250-2244
Location: 17840 Dallas Parkway , Dallas, TX 75287
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The Roll Out The Barrel Float   JD in Barrel Suit

If you’re headed to the Hill Country this summer, plan your trip for June 20th and 21st, for the Stonewall Peach Jamboree and Rodeo, the finest slice of redneck Americana one will ever experience. The 53rd Annual Peach Jamboree, Parade and Rodeo is Friday and Saturday. There’s an awesome small town rodeo and dance each night and they even let democrats in.

The Peach Parade meanders through town Saturday morning at 10 am. Garrison Brothers Distillery will have a float in the parade — look for the ugly boys with beards and the pretty girls without them  — and we’re sponsoring the Bull Riding at the rodeo. If this all sounds hokey as hell to you, well, GET OVER IT AND PUT YOUR BOOTS ON!

Immediately after the parade, at noon, everyone is invited back to Garrison Brothers Distillery for a fried chicken lunch in our barrel barn. Come early though because we will run out of chicken and lunch is first come, first-served. We’ll have the gravelly Gary Berg and his gorgeous granddaughter Bailey Renee playing off the back porch at The Barrel Barn. And we’ll be auctioning off some of the most beautiful whiskey and wine barrels you’ve ever seen.

Lunch is BYOB and we’re asking for $20 a person. We will donate most of the proceeds to The Hye Preservation Society. The “boys round here” bought the first 150 tickets so only 100 tickets remain available. When it’s sold out, it’s sold out. You can buy tickets at http://www.garrisonbros.com/tour. Just click on the box that says WINNER, WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.

Since we’ve got tons of chicken to fry, there are no refunds on tickets unless you get run over by a parade float.

We’ll also announce this on our Facebook page in the next few days at Garrison Brothers Facebook Web Page. But by then, tickets may already be sold out.

You can learn more about everything going on at the Stonewall Peach Parade and buy event tickets at http://www.stonewalltexas.com/peach_jamboree.html

We hope to see ya’ll here. God bless America!

Kind regards,

Dan Garrison

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